A Lobbyist, A Plane, A Business Representative, & A Nice Sommelier Book

By Travis H. Brown

It’s hard to be an engaged lobbyist across several states without spending significant time in and out of airplanes.  Anyone who has a business, or is a representative of a trade association, eventually finds their weeks to involve more travel than they might have preferred.  That’s why your mission is critical to carry around a few progressive things that you can read to relax, to unwind, or to shift the mind away from lobbying.

A colleague recently-traveling with me suggested this book below on the Secrets of the Sommeliers.  If you do not know of anyone trained as a sommelier, perhaps a worthy goal is getting to know one personally at your next fine dining establishment.  Most sommeliers are proud to share their experience, willing to take you various flights of wine, and eager to make you a true advocate.  Most sommeliers are trained to help you find your own path for what you like or dislike, even when your palette is not well known.  Sommeliers can improve not just your wine knowledge, but also your overall dining experience, the entertainment value of your guests, and your global interests about the world.

Until then, here’s a book worth exploring in the place of having a true professional at your tray or round table.