A Progressive Look at Missouri Aviation History, From An OshKosh Cockpit

By Travis H. Brown

One week from now, every aviator around North America starts to ponder the same question:  why didn’t I go to the OshKosh, Wisconsin airventure this year?  With more than 10,000 aircraft paraded in a progressive march over more than half a million spectators, there are many who certainly will be there year after year.

Even if you cannot dump a few items out of your bucket list this year, the celebrations at OshKosh still serve a vital role in capturing our unique aviation culture.  OshKosh reminds us that people build airplanes, and our human spirits are the relentless lobbyists for adventure.  Watching a few timeless voices is proof of just how far we have come in less than 100 years.

Missourians have played many progressive roles in keeping our skies safe.  If you get a chance to thank an engineer, a test pilot, or a war bird veteran, please pay it forward any way that you can advocate.