How the Sunset Falls on the New Hertz

Travis H. Brown in Naples, FL

Travis H. Brown in Naples, FL

Recently, I have blogged several Forbes and Fox and Friends appearances regarding the personal benefits for taxpayers moving to Southwest Florida.

We have addressed numerous audiences using our How Money Walks web applications to mark down where other Americans have moved over the last nearly 20 years.

On the month of this picture above, winter temperatures in Minnesota were worse than ten below zero, barely above 20 in Missouri, but up to 86 degrees with sun in Collier and Lee Counties in Florida.

One of our greatest freedoms across America is our wide range of physical mobility.  When you really criss-cross our fifty states every month lobbying for economic and educational liberty, you get a front row seat to how visionary our manifest destiny fathers were when we closed the Louisiana Purchase.

My aviation experience has given me a great look at what we mean by “from sea to shining sea.”

Leaving Fox Studios recently in New York, I was having this conversation with a studio director after tearing down our unique touchscreen television.  Most workers know that when it comes to your personal income, it is not what you make, but what you keep that counts.

Corporate moves like that of Hertz to Lee County, FL often get confused with other motives.  Some in New Jersey think about hundreds of jobs leaving the Garden State as a move to cut personnel costs.  In most cases, their corporate decision has more to do with being closer to your customers, while improving the quality of life for your employees.  In fact, in many cases, a company can give their employees more in after tax income in Florida than either Oklahoma or New Jersey.

So, all in all, the sun shines bright on the new dig site for Hertz and their businesses.  However, the move makes many other moves possible who never intended to work there.  The Founding Fathers would be proud to know all Americans still have choices and a wide open country to pursue happiness.