Mobile Patent Wars: At the Nexus of Nexus

By Travis H. Brown

State lobbying battles and disputes with State Attorneys General for companies like are not the only industry titans who care about creating or defending a nexus.

It turns out that nexus is a big patent issue for, well, nexus phones as well.  Within a brief history of major intellectual property wars within mobile platforms, one can find many cases over essential platform rights over the years.  However, recent judicial activism from this Chicago judge has more than a few telecommunications lobbyists probably wondering where the next battle lines will be across international regulatory platforms.

If this patent system war seems distant to you, think again “Mr. We Deserve a Decent Smart Phone for the Business Man.”  For the last several years, this Missouri lobbyist has struggled with the fact that it is not easy to find a smartphone with solid day long battery life, a decent keyboard, and smooth integration across social mediums.  If Research in Motion was ever going to keep a beltway bandit in their wagon, it should have been me (come on, man).

To find my solution, my technology buddies found me the Google Nexus phone – in Hong Kong.  After a few adaptations, such as its Buck Rogers rocket pack battery, I am getting pretty used to it.

Because entrepreneurs like me will always find ways to seek out the best platforms, it is important not to hate the players just because you don’t always like the game.  It is likewise critical to put such restrictions to technology into the proper legal perspective.  Despite the fact that we all lobby, negotiate, and pitch to get the best devices each year, our patent system is not broken.