Learning the Sport of Self-Publishing

The quest to publish your own book can be quite daunting.  First there is the idea, the main story that must be extracted from your brain.  Then the ordering, sequencing, negotiating, and editing of it all.  Then comes the lobbying, arm-twisting, and knuckle-busting process of getting your copies digitized, printed, and distributed.  It’s easy to see why many authors are worn out even before they start any promotions or book signings.

If you have an idea for a book, do it anyway.  Follow your passion.  Make your voice heard.  Just like an artist or entertainer, it is really gratifying to see the light on someone else’s eyes when they appreciate your message.

Along my early path of book promotions for CNBC studio, I had occasion to see something that New York does best:  broadway theater.  While waiting to watch “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” I noticed that a key subject found within my book (How Money Walks) is found within the Playbill.  The State of Florida, on which I have dedicated an entire chapter (covering their $86 billion in net AGI gained), has a several page spread covering why the Sunshine State is great.

Once you start your book tour, you see evidence and linkages for your book everywhere that you travel.  I guess that is normal for a marketing brain.  In any event, the Tennessee Williams play wasn’t bad either.