Running like a Cowboy

Last week, during our @HowMoneyWalks book tour along the East Coast, I had the privilege of meeting NFL legend Emmitt Smith.  We were both moving in and out of Fox News for the Friday morning broadcast.  In my case, I was lobbying for all Americans to understand how money walks between the states.  In his case, I believe that he was also promoting a few endorsed brands.

What I respect greatly about someone like Emmitt is that he appears to have thought beyond his athletic years to apply his celebrity appearance to other dimensions.  Many professional athletes often miss how fast their first career may expire.  However, a few of the greats, like Roger Staubach or Emmitt Smith in Dallas, have found ways to diversify their careers through real estate investing, brand endorsements, and new coalitions.

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity with assist with many hall of fame sports legends closer to home in Saint Louis, Missouri.   Every one of us needs to run like a cowboy to make our voices heard.