Winter Mountain Flying in Colorado

A recent tax reform meeting along the way on my “How Money Walks” book tour brought me back to a favorite airport: KEGE, or Eagle, CO airport.

Winter time always seems to require private pilots to negotiate some kind of instrument approach into places like Vail Valley, Aspen, or Steamboat, CO. This past trip was no different – we shot a LDA 25 instrument approach.

Mountain flying for me brings back the core motivations that drives instrument pilots to stay proficient. The stakes are high. Precision approach details need to sing into symphonic harmony like Mumford and Sons on guitar.

Another reason that mountain flying is neat is because it reminds us just how variable our planet Earth can be even within short distances. Lobbying your departure procedures can vary from range to range. A nice day in Telluride could be not so nice in Salida. Cloud layers on a gentle day could still mean turbulent winds above the Rockies.

If you’re meant to fly, make sure you get some Rocky Mountain logbook time west of Denver when you have the opportunity.