Kansas Learjets Fly like Sinatra, Dance like Lady Gaga

A recent New York Magazine detailed how money used to walk (or rather, fly) in the days of Frank Sinatra, by Learjet.  Celebrities, Chief Executive Officers, and charter clients alike have long relied on the Kansas-inspired aircraft platform for more than four decades.

Even the learjet airframe seems crafted like Kansas Governor Sam Brownback – focused, fast, and relentless towards the pursuit of less drag.  What Governor Brownback has engineering by removing a state income tax for many small businesses may enable a faster economic growth rate.  By flattening his tax code, his Midwestern efforts may make his economy just like the custom-built Kansas learjets – ready to fly direct, sharp, and high.

I don’t have any time flying a Learjet. My opinions are based upon its hangar reputation and pilot gossip.  Without paying much attention to it, it seems that I hear of landing gear complications the most out of any squawk.  One time outbound from a lobbying run out of the Jefferson City airport, I saw one come in with gear/brake/reverse thruster issues.  Fortunately for the crew that day, they skirted off the side of the runway without personal injury. However, their jet was down for maintenance there for several weeks, along with their pilots’ wounded egos.

Perhaps if I had had a different start in government affairs, or an earlier start in general aviation, I might have worked my behind into an older Learjet.  However, now, I have become a loyal believer in efficiency through large and diverse payloads.  For most of my missions, I will gladly choose my Swiss army transport plane full of everything I can think of before my startup.

However, for those used to flying high and fast, with fewer than five passengers and not much gear, the Lear will remain their 446 knot per hour workhorse.  Plus, as my wife once observed leaving Midway Chicago airport, there may be nothing as sleek as seeing Lady Gaga swing out of a jet black Learjet.  Apparently, Sinatra is not the only famed musician that enjoys the rarified air to the tune of “come fly with me.”