The Art of Sport in Miami

Getting to know Miami as a home is great if you like most kinds of sports. Watersports – you name it, you got it. Team sports – yes sir. Miami’s always on, always open, cosmopolitan culture seems to beg you to try, or even invent, new ways to entertain an active lifestyle.

Many forms of urban art seem to engage others very much in a sporty fashion. Take the Wynwood Art District for example. Where else would graffiti art move from a reputation of defacing buildings, to a concrete celebration of art mural designs? Somehow, Miami culture has found a way to market the edge from a once edgy neighborhood.

Wynwood at night

Getting to know these districts is much like the food – one must explore the unknown and try new things. To be sure, Little Havana or Coral Gables will give you all that you desire from Cuban-American cuisine, art, and style. So many hidden gems hold cultural curiosities that it often feels like Miami is mostly about this international upbringing.

However, this city of six million also holds much sophistication beyond the layers of beach living, good times, and casual salsa. A restaurant trip to Brickell Key, at Azul, landed me a fine evening bayside with one of the bottles from my favorite Burgundian wine producers: Vincent Girardin. As this image relates, it can be hard to match the urban elegance that places like the Mandarin Hotel offer this Latin gateway.

Chances are that if there’s something you’re not seeing right now in Miami art, it’s likely under construction. If Brickell had an official city mascot, it would be the orange traffic cone. Past the gardens and fine places like History Miami, we can expect a plethora of new or improved museums, performing arts centers, and galleries. Miami also knows how to carry an international exhibition with flair and fashion. Art Basel is perhaps America’s most important art auction these days.

It feels like everyone in Miami is hungry to try new things in both sport and art. Whether it is an excuse to be in water, or a real pursuit of new hobbies, the fusion of bay, bodies, and spirits creates a unique urban blend. My latest sport of choice? Paddleboarding, of course. What’s after that? Who knows? But on windy days, those windsurfing and sailing schools look pretty attractive as well. My latest art purchase was found at the Coconut Grove Art Festival. Just like downtown, it was a collage of vibrant colors that seem to flow like water. If you’re looking for either sport or art, it’s worth your weekend to get to South Florida to check it out for yourself.