Jammber – Disrupting the Industry in Music City, USA

This is part four of my series on Jammber, the premier team workflow and payment automation platform that strives to solve the money and metadata mess in the music industry. I conclude my interviews with Marcus Cobb, CEO of Jammber, as we discuss not only the future of Jammber, but provide some context on angel investing and startup incubators, as well as explain how and why Jammber ended up in Music City, USA after starting out at 1871, Chicago’s premiere entrepreneurial hub for digital startups.

1871 takes its name from the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 – it was a remarkable turning point for Chicago – to take what happened and give way for innovators to come together and build a new city. 140 years later innovators in the tech space are picking up where the engineers and architects left off. Through Jammber’s involvement there, they learned about Project Music at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center in Music City, USA.

Project Music supports innovation within the music industry, and tries to meet the unique needs of music-minded entrepreneurs by bringing tech and business leaders together to nurture startups desiring to grow music industry revenue. How the music industry plays with technology is still up for debate, but Marcus and Jammber hope to disrupt the industry and make way for music everywhere. At First Rule Ventures, we are excited to be partners with them on this groundbreaking journey.

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